That’s all Folk : Kinkong and The Chum “Reasons”


That’s all Folk is a project by Summer Sun Records inviting original singer song writer to perform

Summer Sun Records has become an important part of BKK live music scene. We have hosted countless events since the start of this year. Summer Sun Records x Tales of Gold Mine presents
“That’s all Folk”

Kingkong and the Chum
Started off as solo artists, Kingkong and Chum met at Stu-Fe’ Pub and Sound Studio in Bangkok, THAILAND which was held by an independent artist group called, Monotone Music Production.
After several compilation albums and performances at music festivals in Thailand, Kingkong and Chum decided to gather a band called, Kingkong and the Chum. In 2014, 2 years after the band was held, they released a non-labeled extended play album. The first single is called “A Day Goes By”. It was a whole heartedly self-made album, from music & lyrics to music video. The band hopes to spread songs that can bring joyful atmosphere and delighted moment to listeners. 
In March 2015, “Kingkong and the Chum” was chosen as a representative of THAILAND to attend HONG KONG ASIAN POP MUSIC FESTIVAL. They started performing gigs around Bangkok with their original songs. Later in December 2015, they were chosen to perform in INTERMISSION session at WONDERFRUIT FESTIVAL where they got to work with HOWIE B. who has worked with artists including: Björk,U2, Robbie Robertson, Elisa, Tricky, Mukul Deora and The Gift.
Along with Gypsy Carnival where they were chosen to perform as one of the Bedroom Artist session in February 2016.
“Kingkong & the Chum” had opportunity to perform in CHINA twice. The first time in April 2016, Kingkong and the Chum were to join Trio Festival at Morning House in Chengdu and exclusive live show at NUTS music live house in Chongqing. And the second time in May 2016 at Old town in Lijiang.
With all experiences Kingkong and the Chum gathered, they are now ready to make a full duo album which will be kindly produced by Howie B.
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That’s all Folk : Kinkong and The Chum “Reasons”

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